Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piloto on Blue Ridge Parkway

Son-in-law Charlie Wustman is on a Harley Holiday! He sent this snap in by iPhone today, three hundred miles into a dreamy cruise along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Way to go, Piloto. Keep the shiny side up!

Hoyts in England.

Joe and Nancy just got back from two weeks in England. They went to Coventry, where Joe presented a talk on his book, "Afghanistan: Images from an Era of Peace." That adventure included an interview with the BBC!

Then on to the "Home of the World's Biggest Liar Contest," where the intrepid travelers are pictured, above.

And finally a few days in London before heading home to Miami. Jolly Good visit, eh?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grandma B joins Pina + Me for Lunch.

We just imagined that Grand-ma B was going to be our guest for lunch at Sunset's in Wayzata.

But when the check came, guess who wasted no time reaching for the tab, looking the server in the eye, and saying: "Miss, I'll take care care of this."

Some lady, this Grandma B. She's Jason's grandmother, and Pina's former mother-in-law, and a remarkable, lovely, nonagenarian pal of mine.

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Allison Tsatsos, ex-promo and events whiz at North American Media Group, joined Jim Jowett, former ad sales whiz at Handy Magazine (published by NAMG) and me for java at Dunn Bros. in Plymouth, MN. We got caught up on personal, family, career and travel news, remembered the good old days with great affection.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Contacting Senator Al.

Al Franken is the "Junior Senator" from Minnesota. Amy Klobuchar is his legislative partner and she, as he, serves us with such distinction, diligence, and devotion in D.C. This evening, with info from the League of Women Voters in hand, we e-mailed both Al and Amy about the DISCLOSE Act.

Isn't it remarkable how easily constituents can connect with their representatives? I'm thinkin' that the senate staffers read our communiques, brief their bosses, and keep tabs on what we back home care most about. Thank you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunny Winter Day Pick-Up.

Boulder artist James Terman has been at it again. This time it's an oil color one-off pickup truck on a sunny winter day.

James is a prolific artist, as I've reported here before. I'd bet I own the largest private collection of Termans, anywhere. Most are cars, trucks, scooters, and baseball players -- James's favorite subjects.

My home office walls are fairly bursting with his work.