Thursday, June 13, 2013

Four Big Shires, 10,000 lbs. Combined Weight.

The Shires were in harness this afternoon -- four-in-hand, and nearly 10,000 lbs. gross combined weight.  These guys are big and strong and fearsome, and pretty awesome to be around.

A half-mile from where the 'hosses were tied for a rest, a 50-year old Ford tractor sat mired to its differential in unforgiving Minnesota mud.  "I'll bet the Shires can pull the tractor out," a confident Lisa beamed. "Mike and I will harness the 'B' team first, then add the 'A' team if we need more horse power.

"Horsepower"  get it?!!

No go: the land was too wet, the mud too deep, and even four Shires couldn't  dislodge the Ford.  I witnessed patience, confidence, and a superb display of horsemanship.  But I think Lisa needs to call AAA and give the Shires a bucket of oats in gratitude.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Hooker-Wife Made this Remarkable Rug.

My wife is a hooker.  Not THAT kind!  She's a highly accomplished rug hooker and created the masterpiece above -- one of many works of wool art to her credit.  This  stylized Pacific Northwest Salmon decorative piece measures 30 x 40, is made entirely of wool, and took Poppina an unimaginable number of hours to hook.

And the lucky recipient? Son Will and wife Jen. The rug rests in a place of honor in their San Francisco home.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Minnesota "Goldy" Gopher Feeds the World

Good news, hungry world citizens!  Abundant soy harvests here in Minnesota will feed us all.   And Goldy Gopher is the guy to git 'er done. 

Poppina and I met Goldy today. He's on exhibit in the Landscape Arboretum in Chaska. Our Goldy was one of ten like-characters, each telling a good-news story about MN  and our state's contribution to bettering the world.

Goldy's basket is filled with soy-based comestibles destined to stave off hunger.

The pretty lady with her arm on Goldy's is my Poppina.   

Sen. Al Franken (D - MN) is Proud New Grandad.

Just heard from Senator Al and lovely wife Frannie that the Frankens are proud new grandparents!

Little Joseph Bryson Greenwald could not be cuter, nor held more securely, nor behave in a more beguiling, more smile-inducing fashion!  Just look at his grandparents!  

Congratualtions from your constituents at Poppy's Velo Ventures.