Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mystic, CT Bike Share Program Sponsored by Local 4-Star Restaurants, Oyster Club and Engine Room.

Young friends Dan and Jane are on a velo roll.

They operate two 5-star eateries along the southeastern CT shoreline, and they give back to the Mystic community with sponsorship of a loaner bike program.

Some of the velo iron is shown here.

And while I didn't have time this trip to pedal one of the Schwinn classics, courtesy of Engine Room, my wife and I did dine at Oyster Club on our last visit: sublime.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ride 'em, Cowboy! It's the mid-Century Gene Autry edition, circa 1953, of the American-made Monark western-style boys 24" two-wheeler.

Some of you regular Poppy Blog readers may be familiar with this illustration, and the bike itself: 1953 Monark Gene Autry edition two-wheeler.

Faithful watercolor rendition is handiwork of my artist friend James Terman, whose art has been reproduced and posted on these pages many times before.

Another artist amigo, Sid, and I were sharing memories over the weekend of Gene's Monark, speculating on how many of these bikes remained in working order, and what one might bring at auction these days.

While searching for that info, I did come across the image of a full-page newspaper ad of the era, promoting the Monark line.  It follows.  Please note that the "Autry" cost $59.95, and came with a one-year insurance policy protecting its owner from loss of the velo by theft and fire.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long Lake welcomes pedalers who attempt interesting selfies. No expereince necessary.

The public works dep't in Long Lake, MN installed this compelling and helpful new sign a couple of weeks ago.  I rode by yesterday, stopped to examine, snapped a selfie. My hope was to tell an interesting story and draw you, dear viewer, into the scene.  How did I do?  We'll try something else over the weekend !

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swoosh! Sun Country LAX Passenger leaves Hipster Hat, pair of Nike's at Humphrey Terminal in Minneapolis.

The dude must have been in a big hurry this afternoon to board his Sun Country flight out of Humphrey Terminal.  So it seemed when when Pina and I arrived to drop Jason off at Terminal 2. There was a nice straw hipster hat, exactly as you see it here.  And if that weren't weird enough, near a trash can, just to the left of the hat, some guy had changed out of his running shoes, and into .... who knows?  At any rate he left behind a gently used pair of Nike's.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pet and Pee Emergency along I -35 in S. Minnesota.

While most guys likely use this rest stop facility on I-35 for intended purposes, some of us had other plans. 

I asked my navigator if she'd mind us pulling over so I could walk my dog, so to speak. "Oh, no, not again," she replied.  

Then, without permission, La Nancita took a foto from the open window on the passenger's side of the T + C.  Check the blue socks, formless bare legs, wide stance.  Then juxtapose with image of man and setter on the sign, doing things the right way.

Pretty funny, and imaginative.  Phew. When Nature calls, it calls. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crawfordsville, IN - Home of Wabash College, "The Little Giant," and alma mater of two of My Good Pals.

Two of my high school buddies, Morrie Adams and Tim Werbe, are proud grads of Wabash College in the central Indiana burg of Crawfordsville
This estimable institution continues to be all-male, adheres to a rigorous academic standard, has plenty of Greek houses, and (according to Werb), is known far and wide as "The Little Giant" for athletic prowess of the Wa-bash-men.

(I made that last term up.  Don't you think it's got a nice ring to it?)

My wife Nancy and I paid a visit to the college on our way down I-74 toward Indianapolis, with final desination Louisville, KY.  We'd been on the road for a long time, in stifling heat and humidity, but had to stop for a foto op.

Nancy thrust the Canon P + S (point and shoot) out the passenger window of our T + C (Town and Country) mini van, and snapped away.

In the shot to the right I pose in front of the Admissions Office -- too old and late to matriculate.  

Probably couldn't make the grade for Class of 2019 anyway, no many how strings I might ask my pals Werbe and Adams to pull.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Excellent x-country skiing in Vermont. Ask Rodi and Wick.

Long Lake Lilacs at Peak of their Glory.

Too bad you cannot SMELL these lilacs. They are fragrant and haunting, and so enchanting, and only a couple of paces outside my back door.  I went to the mailbox for the paper last evening and was stopped in my tracks by this lilac bush.  The blossoms were robust, full of life. The fragrance beyond description.  If you've smelled lilac before -- this one outdoes your best experience by a factor of 10.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cuidado! Agua no Potable. Peligro!

Pedaling Three Rivers "Baker Park" trails this afternoon.  Overcome by a powerful thirst.  The one water fountain I could remember from last season was out of service.  Yellow "caution" tape suggested danger at the water's source.  On closer inspection one learns that the fountain is being repainted for the season, and will be returned to service -- with clean, fresh, cool, pure drinking water -- likely within a few days.  Problem solved.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Afghanistan in the '70's - "An Era of Peace" writes Brother Joe Hoyt .

I think I've posted before about my Brother Joe.

Accomplished photographer, world traveler, author, father, husband, entrepreneur, cyclist, horticulturalist, and passionate advocate for the beleaguered country of Afghanistan, Joe recently published an influential book of his photography from Afghanistan in the 1970's -- an "Era of Peace," as Joe refers to the period. 

Several remarkable tid-bits emerge from this saga.

One, Joe was a hippy kid with a Nikon around his neck when he traveled first to South Asia.  Afghanistan?  Where is that our mother asked?  And is it safe over there?

No one knew the Afghan story then; few can ignore it  now.

Next item:  the B + W negatives from Joe's journey sat in a shoe box in a garage in Coral Gables, FL for decades.  Thanks to preservationists working in the digital field, old film negs were converted, remarkably high quality prints were made, and a book became the end result.

Exhibitions: Joe's work has been on display in San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, London and even Kabul itself (capital of Afghanistan). There's talk of tour of the Far East - kicking off in Tokyo. Another book is in the works.  And Joe has been able to channel proceeds from his art into deserving non-profits which serve the people and the land he came to love and admire, now more than 40 years ago.

Let me know if you'd like to see Joe's work.  I'll be happy to put you in touch with my "little brother."