Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Cousin" Tony Hoyt and his Clan.

He's not my real cousin but Tony Hoyt comes pretty close. After all, we've got the same last name. We're kinda around the same age. Our daughters -- Betsy Hoyt, pictured here with her daughters Sara Jane and Charlotte, and Ali, my daughter -- were married on exactly the same date. Plus, Tony and I had a pretty successful run together at Cosmopolitan . The Hoyt boys have stayed in touch, and become even better friends, as the years have gone by. As for Betsy and the girls: they celebrated Thanksgiving in Vermont with Cousin T. "The Other One" (that's me) was there in spirit!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ken's Sittin' Pretty Business Sign

When I was out on a ride in late October, I pedaled past Ken's Upholstery shop on Williston in Minnetonka ... and had to turn back to snap this pic! What a cool sign, I said to myself; of course the guy who works on chairs has a humongous chair built in and around his mail box. Who could miss it? Why would you get your chair covered anywhere else?