Friday, April 30, 2010

Pierce's Desert Creations.

Spring is bustin' out all over Maricpoa County! As proof, Pierce just sent us this foto of a gorgeous desert cactus flower in soon-to-be-full-bloom.

This flower is as rare as it is stunning. Pina says that Pierce has raised the plant since it was about 6" tall. The cactus pad is an exceptional example of the genus.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joedy's Afghan Bus Adventure, ca 1972.

The turbaned, rugged Pashtun traveler boarded the bus I was on via a ladder positioned near the rear door. He came to the front where I sat and slammed me with his right hip and knocked me from my seat. I hit the deck, dazed and confused. Paying no respect to his size, I did much the same to the traveler with my left hip! My adversary turned to me and with a creaking guttural sound coming from the depth of his jaw he drew his index finger across his throat and turned to face the road to come.

“What have I done?” I was in fact chilled to the bone with --- fear? Yep. I quickly calculated that this man could – and would – kill me for assaulting his pride, manhood, place in society – I was a skinny hippie kid far from any town, road or source of safe haven. In short, I was toast. I sat my ground, scared, but trying to enjoy the scenery. Time and miles passed. As suddenly as the bus had stopped to welcome this man, aboard, it stopped and this force of nature disembarked, and shuffled off westward into the desert.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Come See Mike at Plymouth Dunn Bros.

I'm thinking the best coffee in the 'Cities is con-sistently served at Dunn Bros.

Strong brew, great service, fun shop owners who know your name, and a rewards program that pays back with a freebie after $25 spent at any branch store.

Doing the customer-wave today is Mike, one of the star franchisees in the system. I paid a visit to his store in Plymouth, MN today to get an iced skim latte. Come see Mike when you're hankering for some joe. Tell him that Poppy sent you

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Long Haul Trucker on its Way..

I'm gonna get me one of these Long Haul Truck-ers.

And I'll try out the drops and bar-end shifters before I decide on the moustache bars.

I demoed one at Tonka Cycle and Ski. Steve opened up the store early for me. I love the way the LHT rides, the feel of the bike, the vibe, the whole deal.

How many product reviews does a guy need to read before he says: "ah, yes, this is the one."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

JI's Boss Wheels, R.I. Edition.

Check out college roommate JI's garage in Watch Hill, RI.

There's the 1936 Ford Phaeton from Troy, OH. Sweet, and cherry ... and "Eyes" drives it a couple of days a week.

The hotrod -- her name is Rhonda, as in "Help Me Rhonda" -- started out life as a '32 Ford roadster. Then someone dropped in a massive V-8, and the tires, brakes, shocks, tie rods, etc. to keep this baby street legal. I can attest to the terrifying power of this mean machine.

And, in front of the rod? Beach cruiser bike, perfect for the Rhode Island shore, or Fla. or Martha's Vineyard or wherever folks go to chill out and re-create.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gold Nugget Gallery.

Cindy and Sue operate Wickenburg's renowned "Gold Nugget Gallery" on North Tegner Street. La Nancita and I are good friends of the owners (and good customers, too!)

We just made a purchase of an adorable burro casting, seen in the foto above.

When you get "Out Wickenburg Way," as the locals call it, be sure to stop by the gallery. I'm sure Sue + Cindy will have just piece to add to your western art collection.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hiya, Senorita! Como estas?

Pina and I spent a very quick weekend with good pals in Steamboat Springs, CO.

The "Corona" tray in this pic features a lovely senorita who's a dead ringer for my Mom, and my sister's daughter, Emily.

Those of you who may know either or both ladies -- what do YOU think?