Sunday, January 20, 2019

Nomi Brand co-founder Will encourages sampling of his fresh fruit and oat bars yesterday at Lund's.

No, this is not Will, nor Nomi, and the dear doe here at the birdfeeder would much rather chew on a Nomi Fresh Fruit and Oat bar than  cracked corn and black oil sunflower seeds. 

Here's company co-founder Will at the Lund's demo table. I sampled, then bought, a box of four Apple/Almond/Cinnamon bars (they are refrigerated, by the way, and unusually tasty).

Bars in wrappers look like this one on the right.  Bar in middle of being enjoyed looks like the one on the left.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Roving Reporter Nails the Poop Thing - Eat Right, Crap Right.

Connecticut correspondent for the Poppy Blog affirms importance of a healthy, balanced diet.  In one end and out the other, you might say.  Thanks for the reminder, and keep those bumper sticker opinions coming.
These things deliver lots of fibre, other nutrients.  Good for what ails you.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gentle hands control the Kubota, bucket works within inches of our leaky well

Some of you may know that we sprung a leak in our well.  Only noticed it last week because of the standing water around the well head. Especially in near-zero temps, 1382 had a problem. We called for emergency “check valve” replacement, then conserved water like crazy until the backhoe equipment could arrive and get to work.

Pina and I were stunned by the soft hands of Kubota operator Steve. He put the bucket within inches of the well pipe, and gingerly extracted quite a few scoops of dirt.  Several hours after they started the guys had pulled the 30-year old well pipe (it had a big leak, could not be repaired) replaced it with a new one, then reconnected electric wires, refilled the hole with clods of dirt, and flipped the well switch and … voila!

Next step:  replace the water tank in the basement.  Steve diagnosed a puncture hole in the tank’s  “bladder,” which turned out to be in itself another reason for the leak.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Nick from Tonka promised this new gaiter would keep me toasty even at 20-degrees.

I almost hate to post this weird-o pic of me in my new gaiter.  It's 100% merino wool, and Nick at Tonka Cycle and Ski said I'd stay warm even down to 20-degrees.  Yeah, Nick, like I'm going to be in the saddle a lot when the temps drop below freezing.  Let us not forget that winds out here in Minnie generally come from the northwest, can be brutal, and keep most of us senior velosters inside watching CNN. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

My friend Jim, a francophile of the highest order, took this pic in Paris last month, and I'm posting with great appreciation for his keen eye, love of Paris and velos.

Aren't these miniature Tour de France cyclists simply gorgeous ! Remarkable. Unique!  Turns any bicycle enthusiast back into a kid again. Can't you just imagine the time and workmanship that went into this peleton ?
Jim reports that this procession is underway in the window of 
Les Vélos Parisien, a bike shop near Le Bon Marché.  
 These lead toy soldier-like replicas are exceptional in their own right: can almost imagine how cool the inside of the shop must be.  Vive la France!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Alfalfadale Farm, Medina, MN, home of the whopper (punkin', that is)

The farm's been in business since 1880, but the GMC slat-side is vintage 1960's. Just look at the cool logo: hand lettering, iconic windmill harking back to late nineteenth century, all set off against richly fading deep green.  This classic is the real deal.

The honor system is in effect at Alfalfadale: pick out your own pumpkin, deposit a 5-dollar bill in the cash box, read the helpful instructions for carving your purchase, and have a happy, scary Halloween!

How so many different varieties of fall-season gourd-kins can grow at any one farm, is beyond us.  When Nancy and I dropped by yesterday to check out the display there seemed to more "product" than we could remember seeing in Falls past.  We bought a pumpkin, of course, and dutifully dropped our five-spot in the bright orange cash box provided for that purpose.

Just had to show another shot of the truck door.  Not exactly the dark green of the foto, but the type is the only green in my palette.
Now you can see the cash box. Very cool and contemporary looking, though the vintage must be ca. 1970. 

You're going to stop for sure when you see these three scarecrows! Alfalfadale crushes it: their "marketing department" gets everything right.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Tonka Cycle and Ski in Hopkins is moving lots of Giant 2018 velos. I'm sure the price is right.

Tonka Cycle and Ski in Hopkins is moving lots of Great 2018 velos.  Here's a b&w of a few hybrids. I'm sure the price is right.
 Here's another view of the Giant inventory, as of this afternoon.  Down the line and to the left of blue machines  are the 'niners and fat bikes.
And here in the Tonka parking lot is the scooter that must have flown down the Blue Ridge Parkway, made short work of Tennessee, and provided the owner a trip he'll never forget.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic!

The image of the donkey I saw on many bikes!  

A bike rental service...

What is Donkey Republic all about?

Hi there! We’re a Copenhagen-based company that’s building a global bike share platform – one app to access a bike in many locations in many cities around the world.
The Donkey Republic app allows you to find and unlock a bike with your phone in many cities around the world. That means that it’s now easier than ever to rent a bike wherever, whenever and saddle up in just a few clicks. No docking stations, no cash, no ID cards or deposits, no rental shop staff or opening hours. Just absolute freedom to explore the world on two wheels!
So far we’ve helped over 100,000 riders to take the world on two wheels.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Espresso drinks, Double dip cones, and New York Times best-sellers: You'll discover it all in Excelsior.

As you get closer to Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior, there's ice cream and great java (Dunn Bros.) on this side of the street, and the book store opposite.  Pina turned down the java offer, but I went for my usual iced skim latte. At Excelsior Bay Books I bought the new Barbara Erenreich; Nancy was searching for a couple of children's titles for the grands, but the store was out of stock.  We will definitely go back.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

26th Street & Lyndale, next to Common Roots Cafe.

Common Roots was one of the first coffee shops/restaurants in the Twin Cities to do away with the "tip jar." Menu prices did go up, but no spare change needed to be left behind when time came to pay the tab. Net, net:  cost to the customer was the same.  Stress was eliminated. And staff received raises as well.

I asked the owner once how things were going. He said " ..well, very well." I stopped by CR last week for a coffee and a couple of cookies and asked the counter man what he thought. Business was reported to be strong. Customers and staff preferred the new way of doing business.

Back to those cookies I mentioned: chocolate chip with sea salt. OMG. To die. And a softy-ginger cookie? You'll have to taste it to believe its goodness.  No tipping permitted.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Cukes so Ginormous you can't Believe they're Free!

Driving south on Homestead Trail on my way back from Baker, my car seemed to stop on its own accord when it spied the word "Free." And when I stepped out to check these epic cukes, well, of course I helped myself.  I also wrote a note of thanks and tucked it between the table top and one of the cucumbers. Why other cars you see in the foto here didn't stop to load up on the freebies ..... well, that's their loss.   Table was empty last night, but/and I'm hoping Farmer Brown (isn't there always supposed to be a Farmer Brown?) has picked a second growth from his garden, and re-stacked the table in front of his spread.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

About to take Three Rivers Parks Survey, Kevin from Medina will reveal Trail Use stats to Baker Park's summer intern, Lindsey.

Lindsey from Three Rivers Parks System engages Kevin from Medina with urgent Trail Use Survey.  Kevin and his stunning TREK electric were in Baker to conquest the challenging 6.2 mile loop I  had just completed on my GIANT foldy. Lindsey could see that I was dripping wet, thirsty and dry, and gifted me a Gatorade from her blue and white cooler.  Not sure how many surveys were collected, but it's comforting to know Park officials listen to the velosters, walkers, bladers, birders, runners and others who use Baker Park.  

Friday, August 10, 2018

Poppy flips a few burgs, hungry fam members could be seen drooling in anticipation.

90-10 top sirloin to fat, 400-degrees on the barbie, a little Worcestershire drizzle, maybe 4-5 minutes per side, and we had ourselves some might yummy burgers for dinner this week. What looks like a tent at the front of the grill is a corn tortilla pretending to be a standard Pepperidge Farm hamburger bun.  One of the guests was observing a wheat-free crusade, and the tortilla did the trick. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A young fisherman's gentle hands, a young fish rests safely in them.

One of the fisherboys working the Wayzata docks the other day  pulled in this little pesce.  My guess is that the fish was returned to the teeming waters of Lake Minnetonka from which it was lured by a yummy night crawler on a hook.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Long Lake paddle board regatta with the help of two young friends.

Under direction and guidance of  accomplished young sailors, Poppy the neophyte learned to kneel on the board, gained courage to stand, wobbled for too long, then hit his stride.  Only fell off the board one time! 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

TREK Twins? Czech Twins? Which shall it be?

Super good friends and colleagues from the publishing industry here in Minneapolis.  Cathy (l) and Margaret (r) are avid pedalers, have done some touring, plus occasional long rides to benefit non-profit causes important to each of these ladies. The TREK is brand new, was ridden from Uptown to a watering hole in Edina, where we all (plus Tom) had lunch together recently.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Bare-ass Bicycling: all the rage along Florida beaches.

My bro Joe was walking along the Atlantic at New Smyrna Beach, FL, when he spotted this Very Naked Veloster.  There's a story here, no doubt, but we never learned the cyclist's name. The bike he's riding has some uber-fat tires, of course.  Wouldn't want to get bogged down in the sand with no means of cover-up for most private parts.