Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Woodsman: Spare that Tree.

Like a modern day Thoreau mi amigo Jim H. is one with his land.  He knows all tree species, can tell the difference between a bitter hickory nut and an acorn (both of which he found on the ground under his Red Wings, in the dirt, and presented to me as I approached with camera at the ready).   

My friend Jim has been clearing some woodland in prep for putting in an organic garden.  Jim is sustainable, the land sure is, the bitter hickory tree, of course, and that handsome and oh, so practical,  John Deere is, as well.  Ride 'em, Jim.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Java Jive this Afternoon at Askov + Finlayson.

Baristas are the best. Sophisticated service, luscious lattes, scrumptious scones.

Open, airy, plenty of room to read, write and imbibe the sublime.

Sunday menu posted on the entry way wall, though we didn't notice 'til after we'd ordered, and heading out the door.

Like the best French bistro you know, Askov provides news of day while you wait for your order. 

Whoops.  This is another spot in the North Loop, Foundry Home Goods, where the gals were shopping while I chilled on the stoop, taking my good old time.

Great service, as I said above.  Nice folks. Superbly tasty fare.  Check it out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boat-Builder Christian Gaggia, posing with his Mom and Dad.

You saw the sublime sailing/pulling skiff, "Cat's Paw," in the foto at the top of the blog.  It was built last year by three super-skilled shipwrights in Port Townsend, WA.  One of the builders -- Christan Gaggia, my remarkable nephew -- poses in the foto with his Mom (and my Sis) Crary, and Dad (my bro-in-law) Mark.  Venue was the recent Wooden Boat Show in Pt.Townsend, the annual place to be for anyone interested in the art, craft, performance and versatility of wooden boats, made the old-fashioned way.
Here's Cat's Paw.  Check out subtle"touches" that went into this craft. Damn, I can't get over how gorgeous this boat is, how refined, sophisticated, absolutely unique.  Photo by Mark Gaggia at Wooden Boat Show, Port Townsend.

Bag of Beans from Chromatic Coffee Co. out of San Jose, CA.  This is Burundi "Ngoma," and my thoughtful step-son Will Wick (who understands what great coffee means to a fella) surprised me with it recently.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Descansos" - in Spanish, roadside tributes to family and friends who perished along Arizona highways and byways.

It's no longer "legal" to build a "Descanso" in most states of the Union.  In Arizona and New Mexico, in particular, the tradition continues, and lost loved ones are honored in the most creative of sacred ways.  "A F" here was likely a working cowboy or farmhand: his"Descanso" was placed in a ditch some 10 feet off a two-lane road:  likely the spot where AF perished in an auto accident of some unknown kind.

Descansos tell a life story in a small, sacred spot.  Flowers, beads, trinkets, talismans often decorate the spot the loved one perished. 

Freshly cut spring flowers have been added to the cross, itself resting in artificial garlands.  Family must tend the descanso as they would any other gravesite.  With the Snodgrass tribute, and two names -- Lynn and Gerry -- it's likely both perished in the crash.

You can almost read the name of the deceased on the horizontal bar of the cross.  Few descansos I saw were illuminated at night.  Not sure how this lantern is tended.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poppina grabbed this shot as we headed west on Minnetonka Boulevard.

This really happened. Not a made-up foto, though it may look like one. A helmet-less scooter-er on a Vino, one up (or is it, 2?) passed us on the right side of the KIA.  Pina saw the passenger dog, with the goggles, couldn't resist the opportunity to record two-wheel history being made here in the Twin Cities. 

Hot, Topless Maids: only in City of Angeles.

The van advertises "Hot Topless Maids." Wonder what they look like? Is $99 a fair price?  Are they male and/or female?  Do they pop right out of the truck?  Can you visualize the topless maid on hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor? 

Only in L.A.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

1953 Ford 4-Door: Yours for $1000 (O.B.O.)

Your humble blogger poses in a used car lot that really gives meaning to the word:  used. Shot was taken along Hwy. 60 heading east out of Wickenburg, AZ.