Saturday, October 16, 2010

Business End of Sven the Shire,

Talk about horse shoes! How would you like to have "Sven" place these babies on your foot! Ouch.

Lisa knows her way around horse shoes, but was on the receiving end of a Sven clomp not too long ago. Coulda' been curtains for Lisa, but a broken toe and mild infection were the only consequences of getting stepped on by this big Shire.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Real Road Kill.

Some poor deer was smacked pretty good by a speeding car on North Tamarack Drive, not more than a mile from home. Check out the carcass -- picked clean by, what? Crow? Hawk? Buzzard? Maybe even a fox or badger or wolverine? Yipes! Makes me feel pretty fortunate that I've still got my skin on, and love handles intact!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poppy Poses with Pair of Hookers.

An artist who creates a hooked rug is, well, an artist, yes, but also a hooker. A rug hooker, but in the vernacular -- a hooker who gets together with fellow hookers to hook, and sometimes attends hook-ins.

Ol' Poppy poses above at the Fall Hook-in today (10/2) in Stillwater, MN. Hundreds of hookers were there to display their creations, exchange hooking tips, and buy wool. Lots and lots of wool for rugs to be hooked this Minnesota winter.

I grabbed two hookers for a foto op -- Pam Broat on my right, and Nancy "Sam" Hoyt, on my left. Talk about a lucky guy!