Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hans Brinker Anderson Gaggia?

My nephew isn't really a modern day Hans Christian Anderson. He (fave nephew) is not a skater, for instance, nor a Nederlander. He's very much an American ex-pat, plus a world traveler, skilled writer, accomplished photographer, and consummate cyclist.

He is my sister Crary and husband Mark's oldest, and his name is Christian Gaggia. He's back living and working in the Netherlands right now. I'm in touch regularly with Christian, and he's said it's OK to share on my blog here his reflections of the European transportation scene.

Starting with this canal shot near Utrecht, Christian says that the Dutch ride their bikes everywhere, in any kind of weather. Cycling is not a lifestyle choice in Holland as it is in the States. Dutch folks ride bikes to work, and on dates, and very much in the dead of winter.

It's just what they do, these hearty souls. The Dutch are smart, practical, "green," and really committed to cycling.