Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lovin' The Layered Velo Look.

Poppina thought I looked a little weird as I headed out for my ride on a chilly, windy late fall day.  Weird, yes, but layered and, hopefully, warm and cozy, I took the ribbing in stride.

I asked my bride to snap a shot so I could post it on the Poppy Blog, showing all you non-lycra, non-hard body riders like me, one way to get the job done.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Life, Love & Letterpress at LunaLux.

Jenni Undis of LunaLux on Harmon Place in Minneapolis, operates this old Letterpress equipment, wooden type and all.  And she lets her customers try their hand!

While visiting the shop during their 20th birthday party last weekend, Jenni and her pressmen interns, Forrest and Andrea, gave me free rein of the typebox, and ink sump, but just enough close supervision to keep me out of trouble.

I had a blast printing a broadside that read: Life & Love is What We Do Together.

You'll have to pay a visit of your own to the store, roll up your sleeves, learn to think dyslexic, and crank out some prints that are guaranteed to bring great joy of accomplishment.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jimmy Choo - Eat Your Heart Out!

C'mon. WTF. Have you EVER seen a boot like this?  Fashionista Footwear in the extreme. Whoa.

My friend Dan is on holiday in Spain with his wife.  They've e-mailed me a few pictures of their adventures and discoveries:  in Toledo, Sevilla and Barcelona. Dan's got a good eye for a foto, and some of his memories match the ones Nancy and I have from our trips to Iberia.

But THIS. Unidentified and unexplained.  We've never seen anything like it.  As Nancy says:  how does the wearer balance herself in these heels?

And I say: I'll bet these damn things cost more than a pair of Chanels.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

See Mike Hoyt's Mobile Drawing Table at MCAD.

Minneapolis artist, social chronicler, and Jerome Fellowship recipient, Michael Hoyt, pulls this mobile drawing studio behind his bike all over the Twin Cities. He invites local residents -- of some of the area's least reported-on communities -- to sit for a portrait, and tell Mike their stories.

The resulting art, scanned on the spot, and copies shared with subjects, bears the names of the citizens interviewed and sketched.

As the Jerome Fellowship show book at the current exhibit at Minneapolis College of Art and Design explains, "The premise of Mike's project is simple: seen together his portraits suggest a host of questions about place and identity,  pride and community, and the role of an artist when he 'pedals' beyond gallery walls."

Check out this exhibit for yourself.  It's at the College of Art and Design now through the 10th of November.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bring the Troops Home.

I was standing next to a fellow vet at a Don't Bomb Syria protest in Minneapolis earlier this summer. When I noticed his tatts and wristbands took this foto -- as much out of curiosity as in contrast to my barren arms. One of the organizers asked for "a show of hands" from first-time protest attendees.  Mine shot up; this other guy stayed rock solid.  He'd been here before it seems.

Minnesota's Hautman Brothers, Primo Wildlife Artists.

Our local Twin Cities media is a buzz with news of the Hautman Brothers, Minnesota Wildlife Artists and Conservation Stamp contributors.  

Poppina and I took in the Hautman exhibit at Minnetonka Center for the Arts -- impressive, humbling, prolific.  Birds, deer, bear, dogs, fish, and landscape abound.

You'd be making a big mistake if you didn't see this show.  And, read all about it in the StarTribune, too.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Guy Jeff Can Paint Like No Other.

We've written here about the flood in our basement as a result of a huge storm back in June.  Little by little the pieces have been picked up, the destruction repaired, the house put back together.

One of the final steps on the road to sanity is a fresh coat of paint (primer first, of course) over new sheetrock.  There is also new trim work and baseboards; fresh paint covers that real estate as well.

Jeff was the craftsman/maestro/artiste.  Wonderful job he did. Thank you. As for you readers and viewers, we're only sorry we can't show you all Jeff's handiwork here on the Poppy Blog.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Guy Hillegass Paints a Different Way.

Minneapolis entrepreneur Jim Hillegass took up painting (self-taught) barely a year ago.  He paints, paints, paints like a man possessed, and is very good at it. He loves nothing more than finishing a canvas a day.  Not those big babies you see him working on in this photo.  But art like the one I commissioned from Jim -- took him no time and the result -- c'est magnifique!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Brother Joe Saddles up the New Brooks Cambium C17.

C'mon. You just KNOW you want one of these new Brooks "Cambium" C 17 Ltd.  saddles on YOUR road bike. Just check it out.

My brother Joe ordered one direct from England, installed it on his Le Mond as soon as the seat arrived stateside. Fifty miles into Joe's ride around Dade County, his home, and his rear tire blew.

My bro gets a new tube while I get a photo of the new saddle to share with readers of Poppy's Velo Ventures.

I've read the seat's specs:  organic cotton covering proprietary vulcanized rubber, plus a stiff pad of fabric. The saddle is light-issimo, requires no break-in, is waterproof and durable, and costs a pretty penny (farthing).

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hangin' at World's Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD.

Ever been to Mitchell, SD, home of the World's Only Corn Palace?

La Nancita and I paid a visit on a road trip from the Twin Cities. The Palace itself, across Mitchell's main drag from this concession area, is literally made from thousands of ears of South Dakota corn. The design changes every year, as you may know, and seeing the place is weirdly, intoxicatingly enchanting.

But I'm more interested in candids of the folks who come to visit.  On a brutally hot and searingly bright day, a lady in capris hangs on for "ear life," get it?