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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Four Big Shires, 10,000 lbs. Combined Weight.

The Shires were in harness this afternoon -- four-in-hand, and nearly 10,000 lbs. gross combined weight.  These guys are big and strong and fearsome, and pretty awesome to be around.

A half-mile from where the 'hosses were tied for a rest, a 50-year old Ford tractor sat mired to its differential in unforgiving Minnesota mud.  "I'll bet the Shires can pull the tractor out," a confident Lisa beamed. "Mike and I will harness the 'B' team first, then add the 'A' team if we need more horse power.

"Horsepower"  get it?!!

No go: the land was too wet, the mud too deep, and even four Shires couldn't  dislodge the Ford.  I witnessed patience, confidence, and a superb display of horsemanship.  But I think Lisa needs to call AAA and give the Shires a bucket of oats in gratitude.

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