Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome to Arcosanti, AZ!

The late Paolo Soleri, Italian architect, artist, city planner and Utopian visionary, established "an experiment in urban design" in Central Arizona some 40 years ago.  This bold, ground-breaking "urban laboratory" is planned to incorporate homes, businesses, and food and energy production alongside cultural, educational and recreational activities in a compact pedestrian environment.

Betsy, Nancy and I drove the 75 miles today to Arcosanti, enjoyed poking around the art galleries, listening to the iconic Soleri Windbells (bronze and ceramic), getting real-time education talking to staff and residents, and enjoyed a picnic lunch as we took in some rays at Arco's 4,000' elevation.

As Newsweek magazine said about Arcosanti, "As urban architecture, (it's) probably the most important experiment undertaken in our lifetime."

Our gang was very excited to be going to see this legendary site. We had a great time, would definitely return, and encourage all of you culture hounds to hightail it to Arcosanti.

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