Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hiking the Appalachian Trail to Raise $$$ for Needy Kids in Honduras.

Friends of Barnabas volunteer Kyle Kirby is getting ready for an excellent adventure.  Kyle is hiking the entire Appalachian Trail - all 2,190 miles of it, from Georgia to Maine, in honor of Friends of Barnabas.
He starts tomorrow, February 10, Ash Wednesday.  Another wonderful FOB volunteer, Ronnie Dillon, will be hiking with Kyle for the first three days. 
I spoke to Kyle and Ronnie and they are already on their way, driving down to the start of the trail at Springer Mountain, Georgia.  They will stay overnight tonight at a hostel near the trail, and will be shuttled to it tomorrow morning.  They hope to be walking by 9 AM. 
Thanks to Kyle and his amazing heart and commitment to do this, we have raised nearly $20,000 for the children in Honduras. 
You can be a part of his journey! 
#1 - You can pray for Kyle as he prepares his mind, heart, and body for this hike.
#2 - You can follow his progress - starting tomorrow we will be posting regular updates to his page.  Click here for maps and pictures and the latest updates! 
#3 - You can meet up with Kyle - we will be organizing days and times - especially as he treks through Virginia - where we can meet and greet Kyle and celebrate his progress.  Stay tuned for news!
#4 - If you have not already, you can make a donation to support Kyle's Hike for Honduras.  Go to and designate that your gift is in honor of Kyle. 
100% of funds raised will go directly to children's medical care through the programs of Friends of Barnabas. 
Thank you for your support of Kyle, and of Friends of Barnabas.
Mary Beth Sams
President, Friends of Barnabas

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