Monday, March 21, 2016

FIAT Cinquecento, ca. 1973

I met this classic Italian mini-car today in Wickenburg, AZ.  Ain't she a beauty! A group of fellow admirers gathered quickly - kind of like a flash mob.  One lady said:  "I had one of those!  It was bright orange."  A man about my age remarked:  "I was a GI in Europe in the '60's, and was forbidden from riding around in such a teeny car."

The owner of this sweet 'mobile reports that this model was a 1973, the last year FIAT manufactured these cars.  He bought it overseas and the restoration had been done by then.  Paint job looks better than new.

Our admiring flash mob watched with longing as the '500' roared to life, backed up, turned on a dime (maybe a euro or lira would be more appropriate) and sped away.  Well, not exactly sped away.

Moved with purpose, elan, grace and style might be more like it.

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