Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring planting, tree care, deck restoration and bee removal around the old homestead.

Hard at work re-habbing the deck in our back yard is neighbor and friend, Bob the Builder.  Old cedar planks come up, and new treated pine goes back in its place.  Braces are added, precise measurements taken, everything is squared and leveled. Bob is a meticulous, creative, and very smart craftsman.  I'll post a "job done" foto soon so you can oohh and aahh over the deck as we have done.

The massive Sugar Maple you see here was taken down and hauled away by Rainbow Tree Care  this week.   The arborist walking across the photo is Brian, and he sawed away the canopy non-stop (I think Brian was in the bucket for 1 ½ hours) before the trunk could be felled.  The red helmet in the background belongs to the highly skilled "claw" operator.  The blue-hard hatted guy is foreman Eric. These guys did an awesome job.

Here's our neighbor and friend Dave presenting us with a the biggest hornet's nest we'd ever seen.  

And this cute young Chinese Cherry tree gets tucked into place by neighbor Bruce giving Poppina a hand.

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