Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hanging out at the Walker, getting to know the Walker Collage Multiverse #10 by Frank Big Bear.

You can see the new Sculpture Garden in the background, but the green grass, the angles, the strolling art aficionados are reason enough to  keep your eyes focused right here on the foreground.   

You'll read all about artist Frank Big Bear in the following image, but for now here's a look at his lengthy collage installation aross the blue plate special of a diner in the Museum's grill.

I love this one. It's in the underground parking garage and promises a child-like (adult-like as well) adventure if you'll simply walk through the door to your left.

If you happen to see this collage yourself
you'll note recurrent themes of war, cars, popular culture. Plenty of big, naked breasts as well.

Redesigned, enlarged, and more appealingly merchandised book-cum-gift shop than when I last visited the Walker.  Good stuff here as well as throughout the Museum.  Next stop and next time: the Sculpture Garden.  Stay tuned for more.

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