Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giant Expressway "Foldy" Semi Sure-Footed in Snow.

My Giant Expressway foldy spent the winter in its carrying case in our garage. Last ride was mid-late December 2012.

Pina helped me put all the folding pieces back in place yesterday, though we agreed it took too long to reconnect the Brooks B 17 to the Thompson extended seat post.  

Surprisingly the tires lost very little air over the winter, so into the back of the KIA the foldy went, and off to Baker Park we headed.

I was psyched for my ride, but it never occurred to me to check the condition of the 7-mile track around the Park.  When I noticed a lot of snow still there I asked a young guy with a dog what he thought; got the thumbs up in return.

"A snowmobile has been through," enthused my new pal, "and he's created a clear path.  You shouldn't have any trouble."

But, plenty of trouble I encountered.  

The foldy's 20" wheels picked up plenty of slushy stuff.  You can see the dam-up between wheel and fender in the pic above.  Either the front wheel/fork/headset was wobbly ... or maybe it was me.  And while the machine could pass for sure-footed in the clear part of the path, I ended up walking and pushing for what seemed like miles.

Finally made it to high ground, and rode a couple of miles on the shoulder of a minimal-use county highway.  The saddle never quite got "set," so my butt ached even after a short ride.

Once back home I raved how much I loved being out on the Giant: brisk wind, azure-clear skies, plenty of sunshine, adrenaline rushing, high anticipation.  Sure, the bike was less than sure-footed, but Spring is right around the corner and memories of ice and snow will melt before you know it.

Stay tuned for more.

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