Sunday, September 22, 2013

Classic Nash Metropolitan: $10,000, O.B.O.

My college classmate Bill Quayle drove one of these out from his home in Ohio freshman year.  Wonder what ever became of the car? Bet it sold for a lot less than one of my neighbors in West Hennepin is asking for his '57 Metropolitan: $10,000.

On my way home from a bike ride through Baker Park last week I spied this sweet classic.  Had to stop, check it out, and snap a foto.  The two-tone color combo appears authentic, though I could tell the body had been repainted.  Couldn't see miles on the odo, and the interior was so-so.   Nonetheless .....

If you want a classic rag-top, with three-on-the-tree, and a fabled history in American auto-mo-bilia, then you could do a lot worse than driving off with this cutie. 

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