Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bob's Java Hut is definitely not Starbucks.

You see the open windows, right? Just under the green awning?  The decidedly non-corporate Bob's opens up to crisp air and fresh breezes, just as soon as the weather allows.

At the table a couple grooves on double iced raspberry mochas -- hold the whip.  

The lovely young lass had just finished her ½ caf cold press and was on her way back to work.

Me?  Iced skim latte in hand, poking around, chatting up the baristas, trying to look in conspicuous, embarrassing neither my photo subjects or myself.

Bob's on Lyndale is a change-up from S'bucks, Dunn's or 'Bou.  Especially on sunny, warm, wonderful days like the ones we've we enjoyed in the 'Cities this week.

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