Monday, June 16, 2014

Training for 'Y' Women's Tri, Feeling like a Kid Again.

My pal Margaret may not look dressed for the Tri, but don't let "office casual" fool you.

Mom and daughter are training hard for the YWCA Woman's triathlon, and they're doing it tag team style.  As Margaret explains:

"Kris is going to do the swimming and the running and I will do the cycling," says Mom. "I'm taking it very seriously and training nearly every day. I even have a coach."

Margaret is nothing if not optimistic and enthusiastic:

"And while I don't expect to win, I do plan to be respectable for my age bracket.  Yesterday I rode the 15 1/2 mile course as a practice run … in the rain!  All the other women on the practice ride with me seemed to be about my age.

"I am having so much fun.  I feel like a kid!"

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