Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Chrome" Flagship Store Now Open in Minneapolis.

I did some serious discovery while Christmas shopping today at the new Chrome store on Washington Avenue in the "North Loop" section of Minneapolis.

Have you heard of Chrome?  I had, but didn't know much about it.

My "retail associate" shown in the photo here told me that Chrome got its start in San Fran as a maker of messenger bags.  Now they're at retail in seven markets -- Twin Cities being biggest and latest store.

Besides bike, messenger, hiking, camera, and mutltiple use nylon bags, Chrome sells footwear, apparel, and who knows what else.

Now, check the counter.  See the "Chrome" screened laundry bags?  They are actually surplus U.S. Army duffel bags: cleaned, softened, stitched, and re purposed as laundry bags -- or for carrying anything else you can think of.

I purchased one with the name "Morris" magic-markereed at the foot of the bag. Above Soldier Morris's name resided some Arabic script -- wonder what the words mean?  I suspect the bag saw service in Iraq along with its owner. 

Behind the cash register they've installed an old dry cleaner trolley.  Instead of starched shirts, party frocks and pressed trousers, this one holds 200+ Chrome bags!   What a ride.

I spent some serious dough at the store this afternoon.  Santa must be pleased I was there to help him out with his annual celebration.

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