Monday, December 1, 2014

Foundry Home Goods Recommends Brunch at "Brasa."

When we asked our friends at Foundry Home Goods in Minneapolis where they suggested we "do brunch" yesterday, the answer came back loud, clear and unanimous. "It's on Hennepin Ave." they said, "and the name is  Brasa Rotisserie." 

If you've eaten at Brasa you know how phenomenally tasty the chow can be.  With its unmistakable Creole roots, and influenced by flavors and nuanced imagination from the Caribbean, plus a commitment to source all ingredients locally and from organic, family farms where possible, this restaurant is unique in my dining experience here in the Twin Cities.

Our server was named Amber (in the middle of the foto, above); she was attentive and fun. Amber kept us hungry brunchers busy with an Island-worthy feast:  pulled pork, cheddar cheese grits, chips and magical salsa, black beans and dirty rice and a corn speciality cake.

The beer was local, too, and the coffee fair-trade.  We suspect the desserts were to-die, though too-full tummies didn't stick around to find out.

Brasa management delivered a "how are we doing" comment card (not unreasonable) along with the check (decidedly reasonable) .  We filled it out with smiley faces and compliments and promised to come back, soon.  Also left a handsome tip for Amber, and hope she knows how much we enjoyed the experience.

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