Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sambo, Annie + Ed: Hangin' at the Villas.

Our friends Ed and Annie came to visit Poppina and me today.

Drove down from Steamboat Springs in a Mini, packed to the gunwales with golf clubs, footwear, apparel, dog bed, dog, who knows what else.

Not unlike one of those circus clown cars, out of the Mini came people, animals and travel gear.  That's for starters.

Then out came two golf bags so our guests could head up to Los Cab to play the front nine. While they were on the course Poppina prepped the tenderloin for dinner, while I headed to town on the Giant Cypress for a stimulating and very rewarding bike ride.  

All together once more for an iPhone foto pop, so I could update the Poppy Blog and let you, dear readers, know the latest.

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