Friday, January 2, 2015

Wayzta Beach Closed to Cyclists and Bathers Alike.

Not long before Christmas, when it was so damned cold here in the Minneapolis Metro that no one should be out walking, I traipsed down to the municipal beach to have a look.

The beach was closed, of course, so there was plenty of room to park.

(Confession:  on a stiflingly hot summer day we were parked illegally at the beach lot.  An officer came by to shoo us along. For some reason we avoided a ticket, and I re-learned a lesson taught many times before: Don't Park in a residents only spot if you don't have a permit!)

Today, winter, frigid, unpleasant, detour-ville.  I was the only parker, walker, photographer, blog writer.  You'd have been welcome to come walk with me if you'd been properly bundled up -- ski cap, neck gaiter, down vest, windproof outer coat, gloves, lip balm, glasses, handkerchief, etc., etc. -- we could have had a fine time together. 

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