Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dental Hygenist Olivia @ Wickenburg Gold Rush Days.

My daughter, grandson and I took in the scene yesterday at Wickenburg's 67th Annual Gold Rush Days.  Floats and bands, cowboys and aging twirlers, Christian rock bands and the local pony club -- the event was fun, funny, unpredictable and enormously popular with the audience.

My gang was a tiny part of the several thousand spectators who lined Wickenburg Way (US Hwy 60) to watch this parade.  Hands-down fave performance was delivered by local dentist Dr. Kirk and his staff.  The good DDS drove a quad (turns out he'd borrowed it) pulling a home-made replica of an old fashioned outhouse.

Dental Hygienist Olivia was perched on the on-seather, drawers drooped around her ankles, and flashing a toothy grin like no other.  When my sister saw the photo above she remarked that Olivia's eye shadow was the same color as her gums.

Eweeeeuuuu.  Gross..

Wait, there's more.

To draw even more attention to this very clever promotion, Olivia tossed tooth brushes to the fans along Wickenburg Way.  To keep matters clean and to encourage regular brushing, the Dr. Kirk krowd had wrapped the brushes in cellophane.

The judges likely have announced parade winners.  I'd be surprised if ovely Olivia didn't take first prize.  At least she'd get most memorable smile. 

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