Saturday, February 28, 2015

On National Register of Historic Places.

The brass plaque in the background proclaims National Register status. Chipped paint on the window frames, plus the funky clapboards, suggest otherwise.

The color combo of this old house caught my eye. I only noticed the plaque -- National Register of Historic Places -- once I'd parked the bike, stepped into the street to take an iPhoto shot or two.

Two Wickenburg cops cruised by in a department Dodge Durango.  Perhaps my behavior seemed a little erratic?  

At any rate, it's all good.  No sudden moves or bizarre antics on my part.  Just a curious veloster ever alert to photo opps to share with readers of the Poppy Blog.

By the way, if YOU know how a building achieves National Register status please post a comment.  I'll share your know with the other.  Thanks, as always.

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