Saturday, September 12, 2015

Edina, MN Annual Fall Art Show today at Centennial Lakes Park

Volunteers from Edina Children's Protection and Safety Program were on hand to offer helpful hints, raise $$ for program outreach, and to sell raffle tix for a very cool pedal prowl car, circa 1950.

Cucumber restaurant staffers suggest sample fare for event goers, find time to pose for a foto. Pina and I tried the wild rice, veggie and cranberry salad -- yumm enough that we bought a on to take home with us.

Skilled and creative wool artisan Ian stands in front of unique sweater she wove. Exquisite work.  We ended up buying a Christmas stocking from wool and felt, to be hung by the chimney with care, come December 24, 2015.

Young couple from Minneapolis use felt to fabricate children's over the crib mobiles, plus key fobs and coasters (both of which we purchased). Nice work, nice artisans.

Any number of these creatures were set up to attract buyers and, likely, scare little kids.  Not sure why the lei festoons the neck of the biggest yeti. Quite a sight, though.

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