Saturday, September 19, 2015

Float Plane Buzzes Lake Minnetonka, Spectators along Lake Street in Wayzata are Spellbound.

Some hotshot pilot brought his float plane around the Wayzata side of Lake Minnetonka today.  He buzzed us two or three times before coming in for a landing to the south.  Then up he goes again, before settling down, running the aircraft up on the beach on its pontoons.  The pilot shut down his single engine, stepped out on the left pontoon, and was embraced by a gorgeous blond who had been keeping a weather eye, and raced to greet her flyboy the minute he touched down.

Lake Street in Wayzata is becoming more of the "scene" with every passing season, but we're still pretty mellow and subdued up here in Minnesota.  I can assure readers of Poppy's Velo Ventures, however, that the town tempo picked up quite a bit this afternoon when N125P8 flew in and paid us a call.

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