Sunday, October 18, 2015

Around Town the Past Couple of Weeks. Note "Handsome" brand hand-made Velos for sale at Minneapols Institue of Art.

Heavenly Mpls skyline from perspective of St. Olaf Catholic Church, 8th Street btw. Nicollet and 5th Avenue.

Mike Personius runs Chunk's Automotive Service in Long Lake. How does it work?  Check out his one-off tool chest for a clue.

The secret to smelling sweet out here where we live. It ain't the spendy bay rum in those rattan-wrapped spritz bottles, but it sure does the job. 

 Baker Park, crown jewel in the Three Rivers System, hosts special archery hunts (deer would be target most likely) this fall.  I ride my Expressway foldy in Baker, making sure to stay on the paved path, and out of reach of errant arrows.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a harbinger of the coming winter.  Wonder if he knows about the El Nino effect?

Minneapolis Institute of Art now taking orders for Handsome Hand-Made bikes.  They are gorgeous and I imagine a bit spendy.  Check out color combo on bike to right.  Meanwhile, don't even think about touching these velos.

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