Friday, November 27, 2015

Ferg Carves, Conquers 20-lb. Turkey at our House on Thanksgiving Day.

I never was very good at wielding a carving knife.  Poppina knows this, suggested instead we ask our dinner guest Ferg Weir to do the honors.   He jumped at the chance, made short work of the bird, and before you could say gobble-gobble, our plates were overflowing with white meat and dark, Brussels sprouts, steamed carrots, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and roasted potatoes.  Ferg's mom Liz, seen in the pics above, cooked up the sprouts and brought appetizers.  Ferg's wife Meredith made the gluten-free pumpkin-filled dessert. Jessie Hoyt peeled the carrots, while she and husband Chris created a GF punkin' pie from scratch. Toasts, roasts, poetry, essays and speeches were made and read throughout the evening.  Great times were had by all.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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