Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Travel Pins, Lapel Buttons and Classic Velo Head Badges.

If you're like me you enjoy collecting mementos from wherever you've been.  Like the Channel Island National Park lapel pin -- Pina and I visited the Santa Barbara area a few years ago, took the tour, hit the gift shop, and I picked up the handsome pin you see in this pic.

What else?  From Steamboat Lake, Steamboat Springs, CO, a commemorative badge one might nail on to o a hiking stick to remember trails traveled.

Then two memories of a trip to Spain - the national flag plus a black bull with white horns: promo item for a line of Spanish brandy.

The bridal dinner lapel button handed out by Jessie and Chris the night before their wedding in Stoning, CT some seven years ago.

Finally,  Raleigh head badge pried off a pricey roadster, and a tinny Schwinn badge acquired in the same shop in Minneapolis where Id purchased the Raleigh I.D.

The cushion bag on which the items were photographed served (past tense) to contain all these goodies as I sent them, and other parts of my collection, to our grandchildren.  And while I'll miss not having the pieces all over my desk, I take great joy in sharing them, and encouraging the grands to collect mementos of their own from all the places they'll surely visit when they can. 

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