Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Metal Mulisha" offroad rims -- humbling, intimidting, Super Badass.

Say I'm driving a Prius, KIA  or a Fiat Cinquecento.  Me and my puny little 14" tires, plain-Jane rims, 45+ mpg performance, interstate concrete restricted touring.  Then we park next to this Leviathan Tahoe with humongo wheels, tires and in your face lug nuts. And the logo on the axle cover! Can't you just feel the scorn and intimidation? 

Took this foto in a parking lot in Wickenburg.  Then went to the Metal Mulisha site, and on to wiki.  The company employs 450 workers in Houston, sponsors monster trick drivers, even has a licensed energy drink on the market.

My KIA Sportage comes up small I'll confess.  I'm wondering, though, whether Metal Mulisha has rims in my size?  And maybe I'd be uber-cool, a bit-o-badass myself if I were to get a set for the Sportage?

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