Monday, January 11, 2016

Rolf + Silke Charge their Tesla 'S' in Wickenburg on way from Victoria, BC to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Family pet "Kye" loves being along for the Ride.

Nancy and I made wonderful new friends from Canada today as they -- Rolf, Silke and Golden-Lab mix "Kye" -- charged up Silke's Tesla Model 'S' at dedicated facilities out front of the Wickenburg Municipal Building.

Rolf + Silke are enthusiastic, activist Tesla owners from Victoria, BC.  They are on leg one of a trans-national journey -- with "Kye" riding in the capacious back seat area. They hope to spread the word about electric cars, solar power, and renewable energy.  The Tesla version of Apple's "Siri" directs Rolf and Silke to Tesla corporate charging stations all over North America, including here in downtown Wickenburg.

Here's what Silke told us: "A year after my husband Rolf got his Tesla Model S, he asked if I wanted a Tesla of my own. I almost said no. I loved my Orion-blue Mercedes C230.  But I did say 'yes.' It was one of the best decisions of my life!"

Silke has since named her car -- it’s called “True North” in homage to Canada’s National Anthem. "What used to be drives that were too long are now too short. Coming home is always too early. I’m so looking forward to driving 6500+km in January 2016."

From Wickenburg our Canadian friends plan to detour to Sedona, then on to Florida, where they moor a solar-paneled sailboat, and will cruise the Bahamian waters until the weather warms in British Columbia.

Later this summer the Tesla "S" and its crew hit the road again, this time from Victoria to Halifax, Nova Scotia where Rolf and Silke have a summer cabin.

Why did they buy a Tesla, I asked Rolf.  "Because I believe in Elon Musk and his vision for the future." is the website set up by Rolf and Silke. is their address.  The Tesla Travelers have started a blog to chronicle their journey and share their commitment to e-vehicles and solar energy.

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