Thursday, April 3, 2014

Albuquerque - ABQ Old Town - Poco a Poco.

We've been to New Mexico many times.  Each visit to ABQ, in particular, is more interesting and rewarding than the past: more to do, learn, see, explore.  This city is synonymous with adventure, and discovery: for a shutter bug like me, an endless supply of foto opps everywhere you point the lens.

I remember the first visit.  We pulled off I-40 on a whim, took the exit to Old Town, got lost only a little bit, but took it all in stride. Not hard to find a parking spot - right in front of an ice cream parlor where we sampled the fare, of course.

Museums, public art installations, universities, churches, public squares, fascinating and compelling shops, plus (and this is my fave I think) a city fire station whose  facade itself is a work of art.   

You gotta see this place for yourself if you haven't been to ABQ before.

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