Monday, April 28, 2014

Wake Up, Enjoy the Dunn Bros. Java Lab Expereince.

It's been raining hard as hell every-where in the mid-west, but I found a warm and toasty and inviting respite today at Dunn  Bros Lab on University in Minneapolis.  

You see "my" table  in the the lower left foreground of this pic.  Can you spot the aging green canvas tote bag from Duluth Pack?  It and I have been on one thousand ad sales calls together, and our batting average is pretty darned good.

The the iced skim latte - well, half the drink?  Dunns does those better than most other spots in the Twin Cities.

By the time I took this foto I'd inhaled the Mediterranean Veggie Wrap 
that Barista Jade had prepared specially for me -- she sensed the ravenous hunger the minute I walked in the shop.

Back to the rain and wind and cold, but re-fortified for the adventures that lay ahead.

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