Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Porta-Pack Packs A Lot. Get one for Under $20.00.

Greydon Turner drives his business while riding single-track.   That's how he invented PORTA-PACK, seen here, useful and smart, and priced under twenty-dollars. 

As Greydon tells it:  "I started making these when I could not find one to purchase. I had grabbed a couple of my daughter’s make-up bags and strapped them to my bike with bungee cords. I then bought a sewing machine and made a few bags in the basement. It was awful. After hours of aggravation and one broken sewing machine I found a local guy to make them for me."
Bags attach to the top tube by means of Velcro straps.  PORTA-PACKS hold spare tubes, tools, a phone, your keys, and snacks. You have access while riding. Large zipper pulls work even when you're wearing gloves.

PORTA-PACKS are made in New Hampshire. Greydon keeps prices low -- you can get one for under $20.00.
Visit these guys at www.Porta-Pack.com . If you're riding this summer in New England, give a call and hang out with Greydon.

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