Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cabinet Makers Check Out Tools Here.

My cousin Richard is a skilled cabinetmaker. Actually he's a table maker, cupboard maker, counter maker -- Richard is an old-fashioned craftsman in the most patient, admirable sense.

Richard did all the design and work on a neighbor's kitchen.  I've never seen such attention to detail, such use of wood.  And then my nephew is studying to be a ship wright, and you just know he's going to build some awesome wooden boats.

Any wood-working pro, cousin,nephew, anyone; he trust his tools, and treats them w/care and respect.  And when I saw these on display in the 3100 California Co-op I recognized many of the implements, and couldn't resist taking a photo.

Little out of sharp focus, and I apologize for that.  Know now what I might have done differently.  Live and learn. And learn and learn and learn.  Just like the cabinet maker. 

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