Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sue Knaup's New Book Aids Struggling Nonprofits.

New Book Aids Struggling Nonprofits

PrescottArizona – November 12, 2014 – Published this week through One Street PressCures for Ailing Organizations guides struggling nonprofits out of common problems that hinder their work. Unlike other books that avoid unpleasant group digressions, this book takes them head-on. Readers will not find quick fixes or isolated exercises. Instead, they will gain skills to reconnect warring factions and attract many types of people to engage in their work. By learning these proven processes, readers will realize that restoring health to important organizations is worth the effort.

“I wrote Cures for Ailing Organizations because I have seen far too many nonprofits and social enterprises crippled by the same problems—infighting, communication breakdowns, self-serving individuals, and vague policies,” said author and One Street executive director Sue Knaup. “All are easily remedied through simple, consecutive steps that reverse harm and prevent reoccurrence. I tapped my more than 40 years working with organizations as well as my emergency medical training to show how anyone can revive an organization and return it to its important work.”

The book’s 210 pages are laid out much like a first aid manual, starting with diagnosis to discover the causes of organization ailments. Readers are then guided through the first aid and remedy section to find solutions to their unique troubles. The last section demonstrates how to regain health and prevent troubles in the future. In August, the book’s publication costs were funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Cures for Ailing Organizations is now available worldwide and can be purchased through One Street’s online store, most local bookstores, and major online book vendors. For the United States, Barnes and Noble offers the best online availability. Online vendors in other countries also offer it for sale.

One Street Press is the publishing program of One Street, an international bicycle advocacy organization. The press publishes books that inspire people to improve our world, preferably through bicycles. Find out more at .

For more information, please contact Sue Knaup, Executive Director: +1- 928-541-9841, sue{at}

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