Monday, March 2, 2015

On a Sailing Ship They Might Call this a Maidenhead?

We were down at Basha's this morning to grab the daily "Republic," get some cash from the ATM, and pick up some grub for lunch.  The rain was coming down pretty good so we ALMOST didn't take a foto of the old Toyota pickup parked next to our Volvo .

I'll post the tailgate graphics some other time. For now, enjoy -- indeed, marvel at -- the number and variety of figures that adorn the Toyota's hood.

My pal JI explained once that the old sailing ships sported a hand-carved lady of the sea up on the bow.  They called the carving a maidenhead, I believe, and it assured skippers smooth sailing and safe passage. 

I can't help wondering what kind of good fortune the owner of this truck gets himself into?

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