Thursday, March 26, 2015

Santa Monica, nuestra Sta. Monica :-)

Barista at Peet's on Montana Street paints Spring Bean Fever promotion along the thoroughfare.

Check out this recumbent.  I ducked into an old artists' warren on Main Street, spied this beauty hanging from the rafters.

Santa Monica municipal tree crew member sweeps up branches and leaves with the plu-perfect broom au naturel.  As my new friend explained the palm frond is the most efficient, environtmentally responsible tool ever invented by God or man.

Nancy took this pic of me and the most impressive arborist crew membr on the S. Monica municipal staff.

Cute little restaurant and watering hole, as seen through back doorr of cute little boutique on Montana.

OMG. You should see the flowers in full bloom, at every turn.  Pina says anything grows, anything goes out here on the West Coast.

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