Friday, March 21, 2014

1990 Volvo 940 Looks Better than New.

She's a dreamboat, cherry and all-original.

Barely 37,000 on the odo. Leather seats show nary a crack. Not a speck of rust - a real Arizona car if there ever was one.  

Oh, sure, the Volvo 940 takes high test, and doesn't do better than 20-or-so mpg, but her handling is sweet. And when hat turbo boost kicks in, neck-snapping takes place that belies a 4-banger under the hood.

Yup. The car is cherry.  Clear coat and the wax job make this 4-door look showroom-fresh.

KC Detailing did the work.  Paint on the rear deck had begun to oxidize -- now, when you put your hands on the car, they slip right off.  Seriously.  The surface is smooth and sleek: unbelievable.

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