Sunday, March 2, 2014

Safe Camel Rides, $7.00 for Adults.

Yes, Virginia , there is a Santa Claus.  And out in front of the Tractor Supply store on Hwy. 60, there was a real, live Camel.  And it came from Nickerson, KS, all the way to Wickenburg, AZ.  

The dude behind the hump was one of a group of seven friends, most of whom paid their money, and takes their chances.  And while I didn't witness imminent danger, I heard an lot of yee-haw commotion coming from the enthusiastic crowd.

And, moi? No chance of a ride for me.  Dismounted the Giant just long enough to take a foto to  share with Blog followers:  there are dromedaries in the AZ desert.  And they come all the way from KS to strut their camel stuff. 

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