Sunday, March 16, 2014

Team Roping Capital of the World.

Overnight it seems to me, little, old western town Wickenburg, AZ , has changed its stripes.

From Dude Ranch Capital of the World in the '30's and '40's ... to ground zero for Addiction Treatment and Recovery in the '70's and '80's …. to Team Roping Capital of the World now …. we've seen it all.

Team Ropers = Big Bucks for the town.

"Figure 900 ropers spending $100/day per cowboy, and you get some sense of the economic impact to Wickenburg," explains our plumber friend Mike.

I've pedaled to a couple of cowpoke venues. Let me tell you: Impressive Horsemanship, remarkably skilled rope work. Not to mention stamina.

No one wanted to trade me a quarter horse for the Giant Cyprus, sorry to say. 

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