Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Boys, Painting the (up) Town !!

Across the parking lot of the Dunn Bros. coffee shop on Lake Street in Uptown, there's another building whose visual appeal is nteresting to me.  Painted the most satisfying color of, what  ...... toffee?  ochre? mustard? butter scotch? -- whatever hue -- I like this one a lot.  AND, I enjoyed meeting the painters the other evening -- updating the signs, rehanging them, plus finding a minute to pose for the Velo Ventures blog-cam.

In return I asked the guys if I could bring them something from Dunn's.  Of course, they replied:  one hot coffee, medium roast, in a medium size cup, with ½ and ½ and a couple of sugars.

And an iced skinny mocha, on the rocks.   

Tasty experience, I hope, for my boys at work in the hot afternoon sun.  And fun for me to get to know the neighborhood a little better.

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