Monday, September 29, 2014

9 Draft Horses in-Hand Really Speed the Plow. Holy Percheron.

You've read about our neighbor and friend Lisa before.  She's a back to nature, tread lightly on the earth, sustainable ag farmer, horsewoman and a great advocate of doing things the old fashioned way.

Lisa and business partner Mike were in northern Minnesota last weekend for the annual Draft Horse round up.  More than 120 of these massive beasts assembled with owners and handlers, and put on a remarkable show for the 1000+ fans in the stands.

What you see here is Mike and NINE -- you read it right: 9 -- Shires and Percheron, harnessed in the same rig, pulling a plow and busting clods like nobody's business.  The fans freaked!

Imagine what kind of horse whisperer it takes to command so many tons of horseflesh?  I'm humble and cautious around even a single horse -- just think about nine.

And the prize for most ambitious team, and most courageous handler, goes to .....

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