Monday, September 1, 2014

Ken, Conor, their pal, Seth + John Maynard Keynes.

My neighbor and good buddy Ken Weir, on the left in this foto, and I get together at Harvest Moon co-op on a regular basis.

We chat about politics, literature, religion, family, kids, travel, and Ken's remarkable passion for the game of squash.

The chap in the middle is Ken's son Conor, a financial services pro in Long Beach, CA (unlike Dad, who is a retired physician here in the Twin Cities).

Young Weir gets to town to see the folks not nearly as much as he'd like.  So we "include" him in our salon and, boy, does the lad carry his weight.  I remember Conor explaining Keynesian Economic Theory. I was dazzled + humbled by his his grasp of the topic, not to mention his ability to explain it all so clearly.

For a guy who doesn't always make the check book balance, there's much more for me to learn.

PS - next time YOU are in Harvest Moon, and the guys are yakking about worldly matters, please come join in. Pour a  cuppa joe, pull up a chair, and tell us how high you think the Alibaba IPO will go.

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