Monday, June 1, 2015

Afghanistan in the '70's - "An Era of Peace" writes Brother Joe Hoyt .

I think I've posted before about my Brother Joe.

Accomplished photographer, world traveler, author, father, husband, entrepreneur, cyclist, horticulturalist, and passionate advocate for the beleaguered country of Afghanistan, Joe recently published an influential book of his photography from Afghanistan in the 1970's -- an "Era of Peace," as Joe refers to the period. 

Several remarkable tid-bits emerge from this saga.

One, Joe was a hippy kid with a Nikon around his neck when he traveled first to South Asia.  Afghanistan?  Where is that our mother asked?  And is it safe over there?

No one knew the Afghan story then; few can ignore it  now.

Next item:  the B + W negatives from Joe's journey sat in a shoe box in a garage in Coral Gables, FL for decades.  Thanks to preservationists working in the digital field, old film negs were converted, remarkably high quality prints were made, and a book became the end result.

Exhibitions: Joe's work has been on display in San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, London and even Kabul itself (capital of Afghanistan). There's talk of tour of the Far East - kicking off in Tokyo. Another book is in the works.  And Joe has been able to channel proceeds from his art into deserving non-profits which serve the people and the land he came to love and admire, now more than 40 years ago.

Let me know if you'd like to see Joe's work.  I'll be happy to put you in touch with my "little brother."

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