Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crawfordsville, IN - Home of Wabash College, "The Little Giant," and alma mater of two of My Good Pals.

Two of my high school buddies, Morrie Adams and Tim Werbe, are proud grads of Wabash College in the central Indiana burg of Crawfordsville
This estimable institution continues to be all-male, adheres to a rigorous academic standard, has plenty of Greek houses, and (according to Werb), is known far and wide as "The Little Giant" for athletic prowess of the Wa-bash-men.

(I made that last term up.  Don't you think it's got a nice ring to it?)

My wife Nancy and I paid a visit to the college on our way down I-74 toward Indianapolis, with final desination Louisville, KY.  We'd been on the road for a long time, in stifling heat and humidity, but had to stop for a foto op.

Nancy thrust the Canon P + S (point and shoot) out the passenger window of our T + C (Town and Country) mini van, and snapped away.

In the shot to the right I pose in front of the Admissions Office -- too old and late to matriculate.  

Probably couldn't make the grade for Class of 2019 anyway, no many how strings I might ask my pals Werbe and Adams to pull.

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