Monday, June 29, 2015

Ride 'em, Cowboy! It's the mid-Century Gene Autry edition, circa 1953, of the American-made Monark western-style boys 24" two-wheeler.

Some of you regular Poppy Blog readers may be familiar with this illustration, and the bike itself: 1953 Monark Gene Autry edition two-wheeler.

Faithful watercolor rendition is handiwork of my artist friend James Terman, whose art has been reproduced and posted on these pages many times before.

Another artist amigo, Sid, and I were sharing memories over the weekend of Gene's Monark, speculating on how many of these bikes remained in working order, and what one might bring at auction these days.

While searching for that info, I did come across the image of a full-page newspaper ad of the era, promoting the Monark line.  It follows.  Please note that the "Autry" cost $59.95, and came with a one-year insurance policy protecting its owner from loss of the velo by theft and fire.

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