Friday, June 12, 2015

Pet and Pee Emergency along I -35 in S. Minnesota.

While most guys likely use this rest stop facility on I-35 for intended purposes, some of us had other plans. 

I asked my navigator if she'd mind us pulling over so I could walk my dog, so to speak. "Oh, no, not again," she replied.  

Then, without permission, La Nancita took a foto from the open window on the passenger's side of the T + C.  Check the blue socks, formless bare legs, wide stance.  Then juxtapose with image of man and setter on the sign, doing things the right way.

Pretty funny, and imaginative.  Phew. When Nature calls, it calls. 


  1. Caught in the act, again!

    1. Those funky blue ankle socks didn't help one bit.